Downtown OKC SantaRidge Run 5K

Just got back from running the SantaRidge Run.  It was a pretty tough course due to the many hills and bumpy streets.  I ran decently well throughout the race and ended up running a 23:30 race which is close to a PR for me.  However, what was more important to me today was family and friends.  I am really enjoying my time at the races because I have family and friends near me.  Having important people in your life encouraging you before the race and reflecting afterwards is priceless.  I thought about how important these days are right now for me and my family.  I must admit these are good times and I do hope that I continue to recognize this and to never take these times for granted. 

Here are the stats…. I was 57 out of  184 men who ran the race.  I was 9 out of 24 men my age.  My offical chip time was 23:33.

FYI..Brenda…was 80 out of 164 women who ran the race.  She was 10 out of 26 women her age.  Official chip time was 30:29.  Good job.

Here is the results link..

As you can tell, I’m having a blast at these runs.  I will admit, Brenda is bookin’ it as she finishes her run.  I believe that she may have set a PR  (personal record).   Regardless, pretty awesome finishing form.  The first video, Connor snuck up on me and I couldn’t get the camera to turn on in time. 

I will post or edit this entry later tonight.  I wanted to get the videos up quickly.


One response to “Downtown OKC SantaRidge Run 5K

  1. I haven’t checked this in awhile, and wanted to know how your race was this morning. Your blog is fantastic, and it sounds like your race was even better! Congratulations! I am signed up for the Holiday Lights Run! Yeah!! It’ll be fun!!

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