Its a little cold outside

Tonights post will be brief….. Its cold outside.  Ran 8 miles tonight and froze everytime I ran head on into a North win.  I am starting to get my mind straight in order to begin marathon training really soon.  I have decided to tackle the Little Rock Marathon head on. 

As stated in an earlier post, I have joined the OKC landrunners and will train with them in January.  I am really looking forward to working with them and getting to know people with common interests.  I need a versatile support group as I continue to focus on running and mental goals in life. 

Other thoughts…..Doing the Sandridge Run this weekend.  I’m tempted to run all out and see what time I can get.  Very excited about watching Frank run in his second race.  He will be racing to Santa Claus. 

Finally, I’m starting to get excited about the Midwest City Christmas Lights Run.  I have had several people from work show interest in the run.  This also happens to be prospective runners that I’d like to form an unofficial running group with this spring.  Its always more fulfilling to run with friends.


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