Turkey Trot Race

The weather was nice and crisp for the 2008 Turkey Trot 8K race at Lake Hefner.  My family arrived early had a chance to relax and enjoy the lake and people watch.  Fun stuff.  The race started off kinda rough for me today.  I was in the top third as we started but I ended up spending the first mile and a half trying to get by walls of people doing the 8K mosey.  I’d say that’s alright but I do believe that its common etiquette to position yourself on the starting line according to speed.  By the time I had reached the two mile mark, I was winded and my energy output had been fairly costly. 

The saving grace for me on this day was that I found two guys that I now run with on Sunday nights and I ended up pacing with them until I was able to get my breathing stable.  This allowed me to take off at the half way point and salvage the race.  I wish they would have timed in intervals because I suspect the final 3K or 4K was quick. 

I ended up running a 39:06 for the 8K (5 miles).  I would consider this to be a pretty good time for a big guy like me.  It was around a 7:40 minute mile average.  My fastest of any race was 7:33.  In other words, I booked it the final two or so miles. 

Here’s the link to the results…  http://www.runnersworldtulsa.com/getraceresults.asp?ID=649

After the race, I was able to watch my little one and some of my friends’ little ones run in the Little Gobbler.  I will get that video up as soon as possible.  The Little Gobbler race was intense.   Special thanks to Brenda and Jen for taking pictues of the races for me because my usual photographer (wife) was having a hard time with the camera today.  Brenda … 34/61 for age group….that was awesome.  Your improving.  Jen…look forward to doing a race with you someday.

Frank warming up before the big race

Frank warming up before the big race

Not my best facial expression

Not my best facial expression

Turkey Hat

Turkey Hat


One response to “Turkey Trot Race

  1. Rocks throw from my house and you didn’t call. I am a little disappointed. You are really obsessed with this running stuff. But if your gonna have a habit might as well be a healthy one, huh. L8r Go OU!

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