Turkey Trot Time

Its been one week since I completed the Route 66 Marathon.  I’ve had plenty of time to come down from the excitement of completing the race.  I will admit that the experience will remain with me for quite some time to come. 

This week will mark the first time I’ve ever run the Turkey Trot at Lake Hefner (OKC).  This run is an 8K race.  The best part of this race is the Little Gobbler after the main race.  My son will be running the Little Gobbler which is a 50 yard dash.  My biggest obstacle will be completing the 8K before 9:45 in order to see my son race.  That is quite motivation to get in gear fast. 

The good news tonight is that I ran 7 miles tonight at an accelerated pace.  I’m not sure of the miles per minutes but I suspect they were in the 8’s. 

Its been quite a weekend here in Norman.  Obviously, the OU game had quite an impact on how well the weekend went.  Also, had a really nice time at church as well. 

Overall, exercising has increased my confidence and more importantly my happiness.  However, I do slip up from time to time.  I have concluded that my mouth is my worst enemy.  The words that come out of my mouh are good unless provoked.  There lies the problem, I need to learn how to let things go and not allow a provoking situation to cause me to spew negative words at people or situations.  I had one of those moments this weekend and I am upset at myself for being such a weak individual unable to control my mouth when the slightest aggitation arises. 

Many times before I have talked about Shambala (seeking peace and kindness).  I’ve made strides toward a physical Shambala but I am far from a mental one.  I cannot be the whole package unless i’m able to forgive people and be slow to anger.  I can exercise and run forever but will not reach my potential unless I clean up my mental aspects and behaviors.  I will not wait for New Year’s to turn over a new leaf.  I am renewing my focus be a kinder person to all people, including those that push my buttons. 

With that said, be sure to check the blog Thursday night.  I will have pictures from the Turkey Trot run and hopefully pictures and videos from the little gobbler.


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