Recovering from Marathon

Ran 4 miles for the first time since the big race on Sunday.  Admittedly, I went to my exercise class on Tuesday.  Basically I have given myself about one day rest since running the marathon.  Some may think that is crazy but I have quickly realiized that i’m similar to a junkie needing a fix.  I feel horrible when I do not run. 

Physically, I still have some tightness in my quads.  I knew that would happen when I began running the four mile hills to end the race.  I remember thinking, “i’m gonna hurt for this” as I was battling the hills.  Sure enough.  Other than tight quads, I am doing great. 

Now….I’m preparing for the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day at Lake Hefner.  This is an 8K run (about 5 miles).  I will run this race fairly quickly because 45 minutes after my race begins, my little son will compete in his first race.  This race is called the “Little Gobbler.”  The Little Gobbler is a grueling race for tiny ones that is equivalent to a 50 yard dash.  I really want to see him run.  I bought him special (fast, according to Frank) shoes. 

After the Turkey Trot, I will begin looking forward to the Midwest City Holiday Lights Run.  Finally, I will end the year in Tulsa running the “Bringing in the New Year Run.”  This run is held just before midnight so the runnners are on the course when the New Year comes in. 

In the distance……..I have not made it official but I am strongly considering the Little Rock Marathon and then the Memorial (OKC).  By then I will have joined a running club (OKC Landrunners). 

A few posts ago I mentioned one journey ending.  That journey is over and i’m thrilled to reflect on its highs and lows.  I am now embarking on new journeys.  I want to push my boundaries and take in as much of life as I can.  I want to bring others along with me and help them realize they’re potential.  I want to inspire my family members and friends to live healthy lives and to support healthy living.  I’ve found a really rewarding world that is running and want others to experience directly by running or indirectly by living vicariously through me.


7 responses to “Recovering from Marathon

  1. Well I am glad it all worked out for you on your run. It is always nice to beat your expectations. I always thought I would run a marathon some day until a few years back. I wanted to do it before 35, but lost interest and turned to the idea of half Ironman tri as I told you. That did not work out last year and may not this year unless I can figure out a way to keep my body healthy (maybe quit playing soccer would help). Oh yeah back to YOU. So anyhow you DID IT. I would not have imagined that you would want to run a marathon when we were in school. But we have seemed to continue running throughout the years. You appear to be into running as much or more than I was back in the day. It is nice to have this diary of your adventures and thoughts. Congratulations. Remember to call me for your Turkey run at Hefner. C-ya. Go Sooners

  2. Forgot to add the “1” one after the jmcoffman on my email address. I don’t check this email much though (less than weekly)

  3. Well I wrote you a nice (fairly long) comment only to have it disappear in cyber space. So here is the much shorter version. Great job on your run and beating your expectations. Never imagined you would run a marathon and not me. Maybe I will get to do that Ironman Tri like I talked about. We’ll see how my body holds up this year. Congatulations, you did it. call me for the Turkey run at Hefner. Take care. Go Sooners.

    Dios le Bendiga. Buenos Nachos (i mean noches)

  4. OK your web site is freaking me out. The original message is back on here. No, really doctor it was there and then gone and back again. No I/m not going crazy and I don’t want to follow you to the “other” room. Ha Ha

    Good night for real

  5. James Michael

    Thanks for your nice comments. All twenty of them. Joking. The run was awesome. The hills were horrible. I’ll get in contact with you soon.

  6. Mr. Stanley! Job well done, good luck with the others.

  7. Congrats on your first marathon. Very nice time, you should be quite proud.

    I ran the half marathon in Little Rock, it’s still my best time ever for a half. I thought it was a very nice course, more interesting than Tulsa. I don’t know anything about OKC.

    Consider coming up to KC next fall for our marathon. A challenging course but shows off the city very well.

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