Route 66 Marathon is over, I made it!!!

Lets get the technicalities out of the way….

Glen Stanley     Overall:  450    Div/Pl:  65/116   SexPL:  338/667   Chip Time:  4:15:14
I went in to the marathon hoping for a time of 4:30 or better and I ended up running a 4:15:14.  I’m very

satisfied with my results. Now, let me walk you through my experiences…..

I arrived at 7:00 a.m. and began getting ready for the 8:00 a.m. race.  For some reason, I noticed that my heel was rubbing in my shoe.  This majorly alarmed me.  To be honest, I panicked.  I ended up calling Brenda and luckily they had they’re own little first aid kit with big bandaids(thanks Richard).  Had I not treated my heel, I could have very easily had major problems on the course and possibly jepoardized my race.  Later on I would learn that I had 8 pairs of thicker socks in the car that I could have used to help keep my foot from rubbing.

This race I had the pleasure of my wife being around for the start and finish.  As a result I put her in charge of several items as I took them off just before the race.  This would prove to add a little bit of stress because I had her hold my IPOD before the race and I happened to notice that fact after I was near the starting line.  I was able to find her moments before I had to run to the starting line.  Wheww!!!  It would have been rough had I went the 4 hours without any music to listen to.  I must admit that I was in panicmode as the race began because of the heel and IPOD. 

As I run forward I began pacing with the 4 hour 15 minute group.  At about mile 5 I realized that they were going too slow for me.  Just not running at my normal pace and thus I was actually not being too efficient.  So I took off on down the road.  A couple of quick items of note during the early part of the race…. 1.  the moon was visible most of the race and 2.  the fall colors of the hills across the river were beautiful.  I actually notice such stuff. 

At the 91st street bridge (about 10 miles into the race) I encountered horrible headwinds.  The wind was strong and cold.  Several people around me slowed down.  I also began using the rest stations for fueling up on water and gatorade.  Its hard to drink and run.  Anyway, running in Jenks proved to be longer than I had thought.  We circled around the aquarium and then ran down main street before turning back onto Riverside Drive.  At mile 12 is when I had a major thought.  This may sound weird but I think alot when i’m running by myself.  I came up with a potential name for a running group that I may try to start in late spring or early summer.  I’ll reveal more on that in a later post.  Just let me know if you would be interested in such an unoffical running group.

Mile 18 was my “wall.”  Up until that point I had ran fairly relaxed.  However, mile 18 caused me great physical/mental anguish.  I busted through this wall when I said to myself….”no way am I going to stop, I have worked too long and too hard to get to this point.”  This was all I needed to make me run forward.  My pace was a little slower.

Mile 22…..Oh my gosh.  Mile 22 was the ultimate test for me.  I encountered 4 straight miles of hills.  These hills were long and steep (about 45 degrees).  I cannot believe how grueling these hills were.  So many people resorted to walking.  I refused to.  I remember running and people looking at me in disbelief.  This was probably the longest 4 miles of my life. 

I finally entered my final downhill and I could hear the crowds in the distance.  When I turned left and saw the finish line for the first time……I got choked up.  Literally choked up.  This was the moment that I knew that my long journey that began in May was about to come to a close and a new journey was about to begin.  Its pretty hard to believe that I was getting choked up after having run 26 miles and encountered numerous obstacles throughout the day.  This just shows you how special this run was to me. 

I hit the straightaway and crossed the line.  I did make sure I looked around and enjoyed the moment.  I even waved to a camera. 

Looking back on things….I wouldn’t change a thing.  I am at a very good place in life.  I’m not sure where my journey will lead me next but I will embrace it with eagerness. 

A few people to thank…….

  1. My wife for being patient and allowing me to run so often.  This would not be possible without her cooperation.
  2. My friends such as Melissa, Brenda, Karen, and Core group class.
  3. All runners that run with me and for them being so nice to an amateur.

I will be attaching pictures on another post later tonight.

Also like to congratulate Brenda and April on a great run.

I would like to offer my prayers to some runner tonight who lost his life on the course.  My thoughts and prayers are with her and her family.  I am humbled and know that God is in control.


5 responses to “Route 66 Marathon is over, I made it!!!

  1. Congrats on completing your run under your goal time. Awesome!!

  2. Congratulations Glen on an amazing marathon!! I thought of you on Sunday during my own (much shorter) long run and I just knew you were going to blow your own expectations out of the water! 4:15 is AMAZING!!!! All of your words about training and this marathon experience really inspire me to keep pushing through my own training even when my motivation is low! Can’t wait to see more pics!

  3. Congratulations Glen, I knew you would ROCK it! Now rest and recover so you can hang with the 5:30am group SOON……..Congrats Again!

  4. Thanks for sending me the link to your blog. Your description of your marathon day got me all choked up!!! Congratulations. I know it was literally a long road for you to get there.

  5. Friends,

    Thank you for your words of encourgagment throughout this whole ordeal. I am blessed for having so many wonderful people around me.

    I am recovering nicely. Probably wait a few days before running again. Get ready though, I’m eyeing a marathon in Little Rock on March 15. Keep you posted.

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