2 More Days Until Route 66 Marathon…Update

Its Friday night and i’m making my final preparations before going to the Route 66 expo and then the marathon race the following day.  I have thought about the upcoming race quite a bit today.  I am a little nervous but more just ready to begin the race.  This is a good attitude to have in one sense but at the same time its the typical attitude I have before any race and that usually results in me going too fast at the beginning of the race.  Perhaps I should do some sort of meditation exercise before the race in order to calm me down.

Last night was the official loading of the IPOD.  Tonight was the fresh haircut and shave day.  I’m also packing heavy for the weekend.  Want to make sure I have everything necessary in case of different situations. 

I am very glad the marathon was not today.  That cold front would have posed a problem.  As of now, the race will start out cold (29 degrees) and quickly climb to almost 70 degrees.  That means i’m starting off the race fairly light and just relying on a good warm up to keep the blood flowing. 

Looking towards the race, this will be a test of self and whether I can overcome physical and mental struggles during the race.  I’m in no competition with anyone other than myself.  Something tells me that I will be strongly tested on the hills just after mile 22.  I have confidence that I will pursue forward and achieve personal victory or total victory is you watch Ninja Warrior.  Keep me in your thoughts.

I will update one final time tomorrow before the race.  Once again, I will post after the race as soon as possible.  Have a good weekend.


One response to “2 More Days Until Route 66 Marathon…Update

  1. Dude! I did not know that you were so into running. Very cool. No running for me. Not even jogging. Fast walking? Yes. Heh!! Good luck. Come by on Texas Tech game day to our tailgating and tell us all about your marathon.

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