3 Days Until Route 66 Marathon

Its on.  Well, its almost on.  Three more days until the Route 66 Marathon.  My training is complete, i’m simply running short mileage in order to stay toned and loose.  I’ve been really obsessing about my health and other various aspects.  My dreams have become bizarre and almost unbelievable.  Nothing about racing but more about random events and actions. 

Tonight marks an important night for me.  I will be loading my IPOD for the race.  At first, one might laugh but to me this is vital to my race because my musical choices need to match my situation.  Music tends to inspire me and to help set a pace when running.  Bittersweet Symphony will begin my race and I will progress on toward multiple ACDC songs as the race progresses.  Perhaps i’ll end the race with “The End” by The Doors or perhaps some Rage Against the Machine.  I’ll let you know when the list is complete. 

My strategy for the race is simple….finish.  Beyond that I will make a race day decision as to whether team up with 4:15:00 pacesetters or 4:30:00 pacesetters.  This would allow me to fall back respectfully if needed.  I’m not really good at predicting my time but the time 4:20:00 keeps popping in my head.

I will continue to update my thoughts as the race approaches.  I am a little nervous but I am sleeping well right now.  I will most likely be working my tail off tomorrow so I can get out some nervous energy. 


One response to “3 Days Until Route 66 Marathon

  1. You are going to do fabulous…….. you have trained and are mentally prepared, the only thing left is to just do it! As for music choices, I am assuming you won’t be loading the IPOD with any “boy bands” lol….. ACDC is always a great choice, and not sure how you feel about OZZY but that always keeps me focused. Good Luck and you had better come to Core Class to give a full report!

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