5 Days Until Route 66 Marathon

I’m anxiously counting the days down until the Route 66 Marathon scheduled for the morning of Sunday, November 16. 



Tonight I ran only a short distance (4 miles) and did it rather slowly.  I’m trying to go easy this week in order to have my body in a rested state before the big run.  I’ve logged the miles and feel confident that I can make it through the race.  I am uncertain about the time that it will take for me to cross the finish line but I will not be bothered by the time because i’ll be happy to just finish.

Looking back at things, I am pretty content with the path traveled.  I did not choose the easy path and I have a greater sense of accomplishment as a result.  Finishing the marathon is top priority as I go about my day.  This is something that I want to do badly and it will take great pain or sickness to keep me from finishing.  I want to wear one of those finisher shirts and have a medal to hang on my wall in my house.  I want to lead my family by example by stressing the importance of exercise and to foster a running spirit among each other. 

I do want to stress that my journey does not end on Sunday but it does change slightly.

After Sunday……

  1. Work harder on losing weight
  2. Stress proper technique and form when running
  3. Train hard for 5k-10k races
  4. Speed work
  5. Join Running Club
  6. Become more active in the running community
  7. Balance physical health with mental health
  8. Encourage others around me

Anyway………all for now.  Is it Sunday yet?  Later.


One response to “5 Days Until Route 66 Marathon

  1. Congratulations on reaching your goal and living out your dream! That is no easy task!

    Wow. A route 66 race? That is so cool! Maybe some day I will travel to marathons outside of the Tampa Bay area. As for now, I can dream.

    Good luck on your race!

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