Route 66 Marathon….Running Update

Today was a great day for me.  I woke up and my family went to church.  It was a wonderful experience and my little boy is still talking about Sunday School.  After church, the entire family fell asleep for about three hours.  I woke up and decided to run.  Upon starting my run, I joined four other individuals out on a Sunday Evening run.  This group ran at a little quicker pace than I usually run but that was a good thing and great for my confidence as I was able to keep up.  This group of individuals meet every Sunday which is encouraging to me because I have been looking for people to run with.  I continued running after leaving the group and ran six more miles.  The grand total mileage for the evening was ten. 

Some items of note during the run……I saw a shooting star tonight which always humbles my existence.  Can’t tell you what I wished for but two miles later a black cat crossed my path so there is a chance they canceled each other out.  My mental state tonight is really good and I must admit I am carrrying some confidence and i’m ready to get the Route 66 marathon started.

With that said…..I suspect i’ll yo yo all this week mentally.  For now, I feel good.


2 responses to “Route 66 Marathon….Running Update

  1. I once outran a bear. Did you know that the average footspeed for an “in shape” runner with virtually no gear is estimated at 25 mph. If the surface was flat and smooth a person could out run a bear as long as they weaved in and out. Bears can run 40 mph in a straight line. Bears are not nimble enough to weave and bob. I would suggest making loud noises while running from the bear. I would not stick around and wait for the attack. I once was clocked running 28 mph but I was wearing a really light pair of running shoes and no socks. I assure you though that I would take my chances trying to out run the bear. In my age bracket I am still considered very fast. Yesterday I was clocked running 4 laps with an average speed of 23 mph.

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