Final Week Until Route 66 Marathon

The Route 66 Marathon date is quickly approaching.   Looking back several months, I must admit that it has been a long and tiresome journey.  It has also been a very rewarding journey as well.  Since beginning a more dedicated behavior of running, I have felt really well mentally and physically.  I’m at the point now that I get cranky if I do not run. 

In order to confront my anxieties associated with next Sunday’s run, I would like to look back to see how far i’ve come.  This all started in late April/early May when I was starting to wind down graduate school.  My time had been dominated by academics and therefore I was terribly out of shape.  My weight had ballooned to the highest that it had ever been.  As a result of that situation, I invested my money into a Wii Fit.  I enjoyed using the Wii Fit but it wasn’t enough for me.  I needed a more strenuous exercise regime.

In June, I began running short distances, using the exercise bike, and climbing stairs at Memorial Stadium.  This led to me losing over 50 pounds.  Next comes a major event that has great bearing in my current situation.  My sister had mentioned  the Tulsa Run to me and I had initially shrugged it off.  Over the next week I started believing that I could make such a run.  This chain of events caused me to enter a 5K race which instantly hooked me.  From that point I began running any race in the general vicinity, including the Tulsa Run. 

Throughout this process, I kept upping the bar on my running.  If I could run a 10K (Tulsa Zoo Run), then I could run a 15K (Tulsa Run).  This continued until I made the fatefull decision to enter the Route 66 run.  Upon entering my training, my mileage has increased dramatically to the point where I log 40 miles a week and run atleast one long run (approx. 20).  Never in my life would I have dreamed of running 20 miles at one time, yet i’m able to do so.  Next Sunday, I will run 26.2 miles for the first time in my life.  I will be able to put completing a marathon on my list of accomplishments.  I hope.

As I fastforward a week, I have a slight anxiety building inside of me.  I am also starting to become very cautious of my health.  I am afraid that I will have an injury or get sick and not be able to make the race.  This marathon means alot to me and I really want one of those medals.  The medal is symbolic of the journey that I have taken.  Sure you’ve had the “cliff notes” version of my journey but changing my lifestyle from one that sits in front of a TV to one that runs 10 miles after work has required time, energy, and committment.  The medal and marathon simply marks the location of my journey but does not end it.

Already I am thinking about what I’ll do after the marathon.  There are several runs i’d like to participate in.  I’m also eyeing the Oklahoma Landrunners and/or Edmond Running Club.  Joining a club would once again push the bar for me just like entering this marathon did. 

Be patient with me reader because I can tell that I will be reflective quite a bit this week.  I get that way when I start to get nervous.  I’ll write more soon.


One response to “Final Week Until Route 66 Marathon

  1. Stan, thanks for stopping by my blog. I wish you well in your first marathon. Tulsa was a special race for me (I ran it last year) because it was the first marathon where I ran the entire time with no walking. Be sure not to go out too fast, you’ll need some energy for the hills near the end.

    No need to worry, if you’re logging 40 mile weeks and 20 mile long runs, you’ll be just fine. Good Luck

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