10 day Countdown

Ten more days until the Route 66 marathon.   I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous.  I’ve never run this far before and i’m a little scared of the unknown.  My biggest worry tonight is about pace.  I have yet to start out running an easy pace in a race.  A race as long as a marathon requires running discipline and a steady, controllable pace in order for a big guy like me to finish. 

Will continue to remind myself to take my time and relax during the race.  I will also seek out the pace group and attempt to stay with them most of the way.  If I have something left in the tank at the end I will take off but I have this funny feeling that the last 4 miles of hills will empty the tank.  In past runs I have been able to run at any pace, then hurt, and then recover to finish in a personal respectable time.  This strategy will not work in a marathon.  I will have to run intelligently the entire race. 

Even though i’m nervous, I do look forward to the challenge.  This run will rank high on my accomplishment list.


One response to “10 day Countdown

  1. FYI I read that in a long race like the marathon that your first mile should be slower than you normally run and then you can increase

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