My Final 20 Miler

I am rather giddy tonight.  I just finished my last 20 miler before the Route 66 Marathon.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m still gonna log 40 miles a week and I’ll run some 12 and possibly14 milers.  After this week, I will slow the mileage down and begin resting on the Friday before the Sunday race.

I’d like to say my run tonight was fabulous.  I’d like to say that it was no struggle at all and I had plenty left in the tank.  However, I cannot say that.  What I can say is that I struggled and I tried to push myself.  I tried hard to pick up the pace on mile 20 but it seems that I was still going the same speed.  With that said, I ended up shaving a little over 10 minutes off of my time.  Go figure that one out.

Judging from the time it takes to run 20 miles (3:30:00), I suspect i’ll run a 4:30 or 4:45 race unless I run into some sort of trouble. 

Its been quite a weekend.  I ran the best 5K of my life so far on Saturday.  Went to the OU game and stayed up late cooking out with my Tulsa buddies.  Did the in-law thing on Sunday and then ran 20 miles Sunday night. 

I will be taking Monday off from my exercise class and running.  Need to recover in a big way. 

The blogs for the next two weeks will consist of Route 66 materials.  I have plenty to talk about.  Right now I keep thinking about the struggle and have termed the race ….. Man against Self.  Because I really think that is what it will come down to.  Me against my anxieties and other workings of my mind as I run.  I’ll tell you more later.


2 responses to “My Final 20 Miler

  1. Congrats on the awesome runs on Saturday and Sunday especially on a game day!! I am still trying to gear myself up for Dallas Whiterock and am just feeling blah. But when I read your stuff, it reminds me that I just have to push through the pain and the mindset of “I can’t do it” to thinking “I can do this”. And then just repeat it over and over again. Thanks for the updates!! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the nice comment. Let me know how things go in Dallas. Also, let me know of any races your headed to that are nearby.

    Upcoming races for me….Route 66, Turkey Trot, Christmas Lights (Midwest City), and Bringin’ in the New Year (Tulsa).

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