Kat’s Run

Well readers, I have completed the Kat’s 5K run.  It was my best 5K time so far.  Let me tell you about my day.

  1. 6:00 A.M.  Woke Up
  2. Left house at 7:10….I walked to the race which was about 1.3 miles away from house.
  3. 7:45 Talked to Bill and Coworker Gretchen
  4. 7:46 Turned around and Bill is gone
  5. 7:59  Bill reappears near me at the starting line
  6. 8:00 People jump, seriously jump at the gun start.
  7. 8:05 Running Hard
  8. 8:10  Running harder
  9. 8:11  Not running harder, hurting
  10. 8:20  See the finish line in sight and attempt to pick up the pace and still hurting
  11. 8:23:29 Cross the finish line
  12. 8:45 Walk 1.3 miles home

Now to fill in the gaps….

My strategy today was to run as hard as I could for as long as I could and then see how my body coped with pain associated with muscle fatigue/cramp.  I never did cramp, but I did hurt.  The good news is that I continued to fight the fight and I ended up with my best time so far.  Also, my pain threshold seems to be rather high.  I can endure quite a bit.

There were several funny events for the day…..

Saw a frat guy with smeared black stuff all over his face, apparantly his buddies had did that to him as he slept the night before.

Swore I saw a frat guy chugging a beer behind the timing truck.

As I ran, sorority girls were at random spots to direct runners.  The were giddy and cheered loudly for everyone…..well, except for me and atleast Bill too. 

Here’s a reenactement—

3 Anonymous Sorority Girls:  <Cheering loudly and dancing in place>  Way to go #103 and keep it up #45.  Your almost there. 

Me:  <Running just behind #103 and #45>

3 Anonymous Soroity Girls:  <Go silent, and stand looking behind a random, middle aged runner>

Me: <passes 3 anonymous sorority girls and a dog barks in the distance>

3 Anonymous Sorority Girls:  <Dancing and Yelling to group of younger runners after I pass by>  You rock!! Whewwheww!!!



Random Sorority Girl:  <Yells encouragement to female runner> Good job!!! Way to go!!!  Almost there.

Me:  <Running next to a female runner who happens to be getting encouragement from a random sorority girl> 

Random Sorority Girl:  <Speaks in normal volume as middle aged male runner passes by and is 20 yards past>  Oh, you to number #143.

Me:  <Looks down at my number to see the numbers 1,4, and 3. 


I offer those stories only to laugh.  Bill experienced the same thing and we both had a great chuckled at the events.  Also, awesome job Bill.  He hammered out a great run.  Just didn’t realize he’s in younger age bracket. 

My Time for the race is….   23:29.  That is about a minute quicker than other 5K races.

I was 42 out of 166 male runners. 

No pics this time.  Here’s the link to the results.



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