Halloween and the day after

Halloween has come and gone.  We took the kids trick or treating to a few houses that we knew then we went to a church fall festival.  After that we all went to IHOP and that was when I had the most fun.   I’m pretty “carbed” up right now. 

Its just a few minutes after 6 a.m. on a Saturday morning and i’m getting ready for a 5K run in Norman.  I’ve been in debate on my strategy for the race.  I could go out and do my usual pace and be happy with the race or I could start out really taking off.  There is an impulse in me to take off and push myself to a new limit and see how my body reacts.  See if I cramp up and then see how I manage to overcome this adversity.  I know that may sound silly but I want to experience some quality runninng discomfort to toughen myself up and learn more about my running self.  This experience could really help me in a few weeks when i’m doing the 26.2 miles.

I’m about to put on my shoes to leave for the race.  I’m not sure which strategy i’ll use but I keep remembering a this quote….you may pass me but i’ve already won the race.


One response to “Halloween and the day after

  1. Hello there, Happy Happy haloween!

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