Good Run

Tonight was an awesome run for me.  I ended up running just 8 miles but it was one of the fastest 8 miles so far.  This run puts me on pace for 40 miles for the week. 

I also signed up for the Theta5K run for Saturday.  Its hard to pass up a run that is taking place about a mile from my home.  I consider the run just to be an extension of my training and hopefully I will have fun with it.  Sunday will be my last long run before the Route 66 marathon.  I plan to continue logging my 40 miles a week but will take better care of my body and to make sure my muscles recover.  I do carry a level of anxiety about the marathon but I know that i’ve prepared well enough to be successful.

On other notes, I am really researching running clubs for January.  Edmond Running Club looks good to me or even an OKC running club.  I am completly shocked at the lack of an running organizations in the Norman area. 

Finally, I returned to my core aerobics class today.  I will be taking it easy this week but i’m glad to be back in the class and I really enjoy the interactions with the others. 

I will be updating frequently as the marathon approaches.  Later.


2 responses to “Good Run

  1. Glad you had a great run after the early morning workout and glad you got your butt out of bed haha

  2. The day is always better when I start it off by hearing you count off the number when we do our ab work. The bar for the day is set too high too early.

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