Sweat and Slobber…Tulsa Run is Done

This was my first Tulsa Run and I must admit that I had a blast out on the course today.  The day started off with me shivering and hiding out in a building before the race started.  Finally just before the starting gun sounded I came out and met up with my sister and friends.   I decided to position myself a 1/3 of the way towards the front of the line. 

The starting gun sounded at 9 and I was off and running.  As usual, I started a little too quickly.  The early hills were a little rough but the surroundings helped keep my mind off of the hills.  I did have a cramp around my right shoulder about ten minutes into the race.  I was able to run through it over the course of a mile or so.  I also took advantage of the race to practice water stations.  It takes a little skill to grab a cup and drink on the run. 

I was going at a little slow pace after my cramp and around the 11K mark, I began picking up speed.  I was running at a fairly rapid clip by the 12K mark and I made up for lost time and passed many people on the final hill of the race.  I even had enough energy to sprint the final straightway to the finish line. 

Finishing the race felt great.  I was able to beat the time that I had set out to beat (I ran it in 1:19:34 and my goal was 1:20:00).  My body felt pretty good and I have to think i’d did a little better had I not lost a week of training and my body was fully recovered from the sickness. 

My mother, wife, and children cheered me on around the 14K mark and that was really inspiring to me.  I suspect that had a lot to do with my final burst up the final steep hill.

I also enjoyed the bonding experience with my sister and also getting to see Brenda finish the race.  This race was a lot of fun and I cannot wait to run it next year.

I will be blogging about this race throughout the week. 

Here’s the link to the race results….


My time was  1:19:34  Chip Time

I was 89th out of 226 for my age group

1,018 out of 3,362 overall

Not sure how it works but the results seem to show results according to gun time which does not do justice to the fact that my chip time is significantly lower. 

Here are some pics of the race….

Near End of Run

Near End of Run


Yes, i'm a goober being silly for my kids

Yes, i'm a Goober




 Great job to Karen, Brenda, April, and Conner.  Hope we all get to do this again next year!!!!

Next major run for me, Route 66 Marathon.


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