T Minus 2 Days until the Tulsa Run

The countdown is progressing nicely until the Tulsa Run.  In preparation, I ran 8 miles tonight out in the elements.  The run was very peaceful and cooler weather made it rather easy.  The wind I could do without.  Looking down the road to the Tulsa Run, one question keeps popping into my mind.  Is the cone paper cup that much better than the normal round paper cup?  I saw that the water company left cone cups next to the water cooler at work and I have to question the advantage of such a shape. 

Here are the advantages of a round paper cup vs. a cone paper cup.

  1. Round paper cups hold more.
  2. Less likely to crush a round cup than a cone cup.
  3. Round cup can sit on a desk whereas a cone cup has to be held by hand.
  4. Since round cups hold more water, water refiller jobs would be in higher demand because customers would take more, possibly even waste water.
  5. Cone cups are more likely to leak, especially at the bottom point.
  6. Cone cups are more likely to be mistaken for a funnel.
  7. Cone cups make it hard to judge how much water is left in case your pacing yourself. 
  8. Round cups are classier
  9. Cone cups are more likely to not be reused/recycled
  10. Round cups are the same shape as household cups
Cone Paper Cup, Not Efficient

Cone Paper Cup, Not Efficient

There you have it, the big question that i’ve been pondering for a few days leading up to the big run on Saturday.  Good luck to Brenda, Conner, and Karen on the run this Saturday.  Thank you to Cheryl for the warm wishes earlier this week.  I will check back in with you readers late, late Saturday night to tell you how it went.

Ciao for now.


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