6 Days Until the Tulsa Run

The countdown has begun.  Six more days until the Tulsa Run.  I am really looking forward to this run.  Originally this was the run that I was working towards.  However, the Route 66 Marathon will be mark my climatic season of change.

My training is going okay right now.  I am still a little beat up from the stomach virus last week.  I suspect my time will be a little slower than i’d like but I need to maintain perspective.  The fact is I am running in a race that is over 9 miles in length.  Never thought i’d do something like that. 

A couple of items of note, I need to find an easy going running club around OKC/Norman in the offseason.  I also need to lower my milage down during the winter but maintain a level of running shape.  I do plan to run in a few races such as the Turkey Trot and MIdwest City Christmas Light run. 

Looking way down the road….the Memorial Marathon is starting to show up on my radar. 

Ciao for now.


One response to “6 Days Until the Tulsa Run

  1. Good luck in the Tulsa Run….I’m pulling for ya!

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