The Comeback

I was able to run tonight for the first time in six days.  This was very relieving to me and I feel twenty times better having run.  The run was only four miles but it was a beginning.  A beginning of the comeback.  I was trucking along each week logging about 40 miles a week before a horrible stomach virus took me out.  Pretty sure the virus is gone but I’m having some physical ailments lingering as a result of having a four day virus.  I hope to regain my strength and begin logging long runs again soon. 

On the short term I have the Tulsa Run on Saturday.  I will admit that my original time of completion will be greatly affected having had this sickness but perhaps this will slow me down and allow me to enjoy the race and festivities involved with the race.  The Route 66 marathon is still in my sights and that is the ultimate goal that i’m working for. 

I have learned the hard way to take better care of my body.  I will be obsessed with taking vitamins and eating enough calories.  I am convinced that I was burning way too many calories vs. not taking in enough.  I caught a virus and my body could not fight the virus and thus I had an extreme reaction to the virus.  Admittedly, I’m a little paranoid or shell-shocked and I will side on caution about health.  For so long I have been committed to losing weight but I have to realise that my goal has changed and the weight will take care of itself. 

I just wanted to share the good news of me once again running.  I really missed it.  Can’t believe I am saying that.  Adios.


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