I’m Back, I Think

I think the virus may be over with.  Admittedly I was a tad bit wobbly on my legs and it’s obvious that I lost some weight over the last four days.  However, I’m raring to get back to training.  This weekend has taught me some important things.  Its just a shame I have to learn the hard way.

  1. Take your vitamins
  2. Eat the way that you run.  If you run alot take in plenty of calories.
  3. Know your body and recognize when something is wrong.
  4. Do not wait to treat your body’s illness.
  5. Consider putting a TV in the bathroom when you have a stomach virus.
  6. Do not let the window installers install windows when your sick.  Everyone can see your business when the windows and frames are removed.

Wednesday I plan to hydrate all day and then lightly run 4 or 5 miles in the evening.  I hope to be back into full training mode by Sunday. 

I did officially sign up for the Tulsa Run today.  Pretty weird.  I have been talking about the run for weeks now and yet I had forgotten that I had not signed up yet.  Oh, something interesting about the run is that the timing chips are actually paper.  I suspect we will all have barcodes that get set off in a computer when we cross certain points.  Pretty neat.  I’ll keep everyone posted as the week progresses.


One response to “I’m Back, I Think

  1. Good luck this weekend! Run hard!

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