Running Update

Well reader, life has been really strange over the last few days.  I blogged earlier about not feeling to good, and that was very accurate.  I have had a horrible virus that has knocked me down pretty hard.  Four days later, i’m still trying to recover from the virus.  The only running I have done was to the restroom.  This condition does concern me in my quest to run my first marathon.  Although, i’m not too discouraged.  I do have some worries about the Tulsa Run next weekend.  I’ve got little less than two weeks to recover and get back to running. 

Although i’m pretty whipped right now, I will admit that success will taste much sweeter as a result.  If i’m able to run the marathon even though this sickness slowed me down, I will feel that much better.  I compare this to a speed bump.  Hopefully there aren’t too many more bumps.


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