Major Decision

Over the last two weeks I have been pondering the possibility of entering the Route 66 marathon race in November.  I kept switching my mind back and forth hourly about this decision.  I know that making a decision to enter the marathon is a high risk for someone like me.  This would also require me to step up my training and push my limits farther than they have every been pushed before.  With that said….I have registered my name for the Marathon. 

Like I said, this was not an easy decision but I just could not keep from looking at the website several times a day and looking at the medals given to the marathon finishers.  I want one of those medals.  Having a marathon medal would represent the full 180 turn that I have made over the last five months.  Remember, I started this workout in middle May weighing heavier than I had ever been.  Everything started out light and harmless and then over time I have picked up the pace and become a little addicted to running races and enjoying the friendships associated with running. 

One issue that kept weighing on me was whether I could complete the 26.2 miles race.  Tonight I decided to see if I could run 20 miles.  I was successful at doing so and I still had some left in the tank.  Running the 20 miles was a mental hurdle for me.  Now I must find a way to continue my core exercise class and marathon train.  Some may think I have too much on my plate right now but I would disagree.  I keep telling my instructor that the last 6.2 miles of the marathon will be as a result of the core class.  This class is helping me build strength and especially toughness. 

With that said….I’ll keep you posted on my progress.


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