I am progress through my core aerobics class and i’m trying to advance with my running.  I will be attempting to run a minimum of 50 miles this week.  I’m hoping to feel ready for the Tulsa Zoo Run next week.  This will be an awesome run because it weaves through the nature center and then into the zoo.  I love scenic runs, even if there are hundreds of people there. 

I was eyeing the Woolaroc run in October but the Sooners are playing on that day in Norman and I happen to be a season ticket holder.  That run would have been neat.  Imagine running in the country past deer and bison.  That would have been way cool.

Anyway, I’m still on pace for the Tulsa Run in late October.  I’m hoping to complete the race averaging 8 minute miles.  That would be really good for me but probably really slow for the average runner.  However, I have embraced my view of “you do not have to be the best but you can do your best.”  I do like dangling carrots in front of me such as various runs.  This is keeping me focused and having a little fun in the process.  There is an Eskimo Joe’s run coming up in Stillwater that I may attend (mostly for the cool shirt). 

My final thoughts of the day…..

Its hard to find a running club in Norman.  Tulsa has plenty of clubs and opportunities thanks to the RiverParks.  I believe Norman has one and i’m not sure of they’re activities. 

Spandex.  The best thing in the world.  Makes my life easier.  Searched the entire town of Norman and came up empty.  Well, quality spandex (not the Walmart brands).  My search ended in OKC at the Academy Sports.  Lots to choose from.  The local running store in Norman did not have any real assortment to choose from.  Unless one wanted a pair of bicycle shorts with that butt padding.  That would look pretty funny jogging down the road.



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