On the road again

I’m once again training for my next run which is the Tulsa Zoo Run on October 4th.  This will be a 10K race.  I’ve been running ten miles every other day and doing my core muscle exercise group four days a week.  I now realize that dangling “carrots” such as a race tends to keep me motivated and pushing myself.  My overall goal is the Tulsa Run.  However, I do see one day completing a marathon.

As I ran tonight I realized that I’m in a place of peace in my life.  Maybe its the cool air or perhaps the giant moon in the sky but I can’t help but feel that i’m once again on the road to Shambala.  Many people may think that this is stupid but I like to think that Shambala is a state of peace and kindness within oneself.  Some Buddist believe its a mythical city.

Regardless, I must admit life is good right now and i’m glad i’m exercising again.  I encourage readers out there to search for their own inner peace and strive for Shambala.


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