Route 66 CPA Run

Greetings folks.  Just made it home from Tulsa where I completed my first race.  The race was only a 5K but it did teach me a lot. 

1.  Do not start in the back of the field if you know you are an average runner.  There are a lot of people who get up front who drop off quickly but you have to navigate through them and this slows you down and throws off your pace.  Don’t get me wrong, do not be on the front line unless your really good.

2.  Pay attention to the markers.  I failed to realise that I had 1K left and therefore did not pick it up like I could have.  Regardless, leave it all out on the course.

3.  Tulsa is an awesome place to run.  There are several races sponsored here and the people are supportive and super nice.  It was especially nice to enter Skelly stadium on the home stretch and have runners cheering you on to the finish line. 

4.  Stop and smell the roses before and after the race.  Look for personal growth and sense of accomplishment.


With that said…..i’m strongly considering entering the Tulsa Zoo Run on Oct. 4th.  This would be a 10K race.  After that, I will set my sights on the Tulsa Run. 

Here is the link for Zoo Run

Here is a Tulsa Run Link



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