Tulsa Run

This summer has been a rather busy summer due to my academic schooling and exercising.  As work begins and my time for exercising lessens, I have made the decision to begin training for the Tulsa Run.  This is only a 15 K run but it is a beginning for me.  This will keep me focused on training and making good decisions for my body.  I plan to keep the blog current with my training. 

Tonight I ran 10 miles in a little less than two hours.  I know that I will need to increase my mileage to about 12-15 miles and decrease my times down to 8 to 9 minute miles.  I have two and a half months to get to that point. 

My overall goal is to  run the enitre Tulsa Run without stopping and to have a respectable time. 

We shall see.


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